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How the liquidity premiums work in the GYM DeFi protocol

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GYM protocol - how the liquidity premiums work

Liquidity premiums in the GYM protocol

GYM Token is a token that is freely traded on the market. The initial liquidity provided to this market came from the team, but we want to reward others for providing liquidity (tokens) to this market.

Specifically, 40% of total GYM Token inflation is used to reward users for providing liquidity to the BNB / GYM market.

Adding liquidity can easily be done via the staking page on the GYM DeFi Protocol website.

GYM protocol provide liquidity

Adding liquidity to the market

Here you can see under "Total Staked" the amount of GYM tokens that will be added to the liquidity of this market . You can then see how much of this liquidity you have provided (under "My stake" ). You can also see your rewards for providing liquidity under "Unclaimed GYM".

How do you add liquidity?

If you have GYM or BNB and want to provide liquidity , you can add this from the same page. See on the right that you can add BNB and GYM to this pool (the pool always takes up 50% of each asset). If you only have BNB or GYM, you can also pool directly by clicking on the "BNB" or "GYM" tabs. From there you can add unilateral liquidity to the pool (the GYM protocol will convert it automatically).

First decide how much you want to add, then unlock the token (s) and finally click on Add liquidity & stake . When the blockchain is updated, you can see your liquidity and start earning rewards right away.

You can claim the GYM rewards at any time by clicking on "Claim" or, if you want to compile your rewards, click on "Claim & Use" to add more GYM tokens to the pool.

Finally, you can withdraw your liquidity at any time by clicking on "Manage stakes". Of course, you won't be earning any more pool rewards.


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