-> GYM protocol: GYM DeFi Protocol System Overview

The following describes how the GYM-DeFi-Protocol system works from the user's point of view.

Current GYM token price

GYM DeFi protocol explained in 3 steps.

GYM DeFi Step 1

The user accesses the website and finds the various investment opportunities.

GYM DeFi step 2

The Invest page provides real-time data on vaults and investment returns. The user sees a number of different vaults (just one at the beginning) and decides where to invest. This data is automatically collected by the Smart Contract with the information from the safes we use (i.e. if it is a car farm safe, this information comes from Autofarm).

GYM DeFi step 3

The user decides which vault he wants to participate in. Every safe has an investment strategy and requires that a certain token be invested (e.g. WBNB). The user selects the vault and enters the number of tokens he would like to invest . 45% of the amount invested goes to the Affiliate Compensation Plan, 45% goes to the Vault, and 10% goes to the Buy & Burn program.
Note: The Buy & Burn program may require two phases, one before we have a GYM in a pool and another once we have the pool.

GYM protocol system overview

GYM DeFi step 4

If the user is satisfied with the results of the investment , he can close the position and the rewards, which consist of the earned token interest and the GYM token , claim.


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