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Tokenomics - The token of the GYM protocol is GYM

Current GYM token price

GYM protocol with the GYM token

340 million (400 million minus 15% team allocation) will be given to the users of the GYM protocol distributed: 60% to users and 40% to liquidity providers. The 60 million for the team allocation are necessary to create the liquidity in exchanges like Pancakeswap.

As soon as the GYM Token has been introduced and the market has been created, users can place BNB / GYM on the market (pancakeswap) and use their LP tokens to farm GYM.

GYM tokens will be issued over the next 4 years according to the calendar we have created. 60% of all tokens that are created in each block go to investors in the vaults and 40% to liquidity providers in pancake.

This means that if we have a vault live, all 60% of the participants' rewards will go to that vault. As more vaults are started, the rewards will be split between them. The same applies to the liquidity premiums, which are initially distributed to a liquidity provider in the BNB / GYM market.

GYM protocol with the GYM token

Possible effects on the price of the GYM token:

Incentives for liquidity providers of the GYM token

Users can provide the GYM / BNB-Tresor in Pancake liquidity . As soon as they do this, they will receive an LP token that can be used on the GYMDeFi website to manage more GYM. 40% of all tokens issued go to liquidity providers.

Buy & Burn the GYM Token

Every time a user buys an investment package: 10% is used to buy GYM from the liquidity pool. The smart contract goes to Pancake, buys and burns these tokens.

Staking Rewards

The Gym Protocol charges a return fee every time a user decides to withdraw their investment. This fee goes to the treasury of the protocol. The treasury is owned by the owners and they can share in this revenue by putting GYM into a contract. What happens in the background is that we use the earned BNB or the token with which the fee is paid to buy GYM and pass it on to the stakers .

Token distribution of the GYM token

15% of the total token emission will be allocated to the team to be used as treasury for further development and to create liquidity for the GYM token . The total emission from GYM will be 400m and the emission will last 4 years. At the end of the period, no more GYM will be issued . Remember that the final amount of GYM will be lower due to the combustion dynamics.


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