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GYM protocol the safes


Vault 1 will be a WBNB vault. In order to be able to participate in this Vault , you need WBNB (BNB tokens must be packed in the Binance Smart Chain in order to become ERC20 tokens). This is a very simple and inexpensive process.

Weekly response rates for stakers are given in WBNB and GYM. The% WBNB returns vary based on the following factors:
a) the amount invested in the safe by all participants,
b) the multiplier used by Alpaca or the owner of the safe and
c) the price of BNB also affects the rewards (you earn BNB tokens, so the more valuable they are, the more $$ you earn)% GYM returns depend on the amount of money in the vault , as 60% of the issued tokens are divided among the vault participants according to the amount invested in the vault.

The safes in the GYM protocol

How to claim GYM Token

MLM participants who have invested in the vaults can claim GYM tokens from the time the token is introduced. If they claim, these tokens go into their metamask wallet. The user can request as many times as they want, but they have to pay for gas. If the user chooses to close the position, GYM and the rewards accumulated in the vault are automatically harvested.

When you finish investing in GYM Protocol

The user can decide at any time to close the investment . You will receive the rewards from the vault (WBNB in the Binance vault) plus 45% of the initial capital invested (100% minus the MLM commission and the Buy & Burn exchange).

Invest in other safes at GYM Protokoll

After the initial WBNB vault, we will be creating new vaults using the same system. We will decide what could be a good investment (vault from Autofarm, Goose Finance, etc.) and make it available to our users via the Gym Protocol so that they can earn from the vault and from GymDeFi. Other vaults could be in ETH, BUSD, etc.


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